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HLB Privacy Policy
This site, www.higherlevelbb.com is owned and operated by Higher Level Basketball, LLC ("HLB") Your privacy is important to us. HLB has created the following Privacy Policy to demonstrate our respect for each individual's personal privacy and our commitment to that privacy and protection of information.
As part of the normal operation of services, we gather and use information about users in the manners described in this statement. To better protect that information and your privacy, we provide this notice about our information practices and choices you can make about how that information is collected and used.
This policy applies solely to the website www.higherlevelbb.com as owned and operated by HLB. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available at the bottom of every webpage.
Information Collection
HLB collects and uses personal information through the website for security, validation, verification and demographical purposes.
Information is collected in several manners, including, but not limited to: registrations, purchases, signups, information requests, and service subscriptions.
The types of information collected includes, but is not limited to: Name; Mailing Address; Phone Numbers; Email Addresses; Credit/Debit Card Information or E-check information (for purchases and deposits only); Gender; Age/Year of Birth. Additional information may be necessary for products and/or services offered through the site. In such cases, the User is notified of any required information and any necessary additional options for protecting such information. Some information is optional and in those cases, the User is notified as such.
Third Party Information Submitted
In some cases, Users may submit information about other people, such as shipping addresses for gifts purchased. In those circumstances, the types of information collected are: Name, Address, Phone, etc.
In order to complete any or all of the above, Users are usually required to give basic contact information, unique identifiers (such as passwords) and possibly demographic information. Certain information, such as email addresses and passwords are collected in order to verify/validate identities for the purpose of use of services. Users may also be requested to provide secret questions and answers in the event a User forgets or needs to change his or her password, or they wish to alter or update registration information.
In the event of purchases of any products or services from the site, HLB will need to collect certain financial information, such as credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses, etc. Any financial information collected is used ONLY for the purposes of purchase and/or to secure a deposit and is destroyed as required by Kentucky State Law once the purchase/deposit is confirmed. HLB does not share financial information collected with any outside parties except in the event of a disputed or returned charge.
Banner Advertising
Banner advertising on our website may collect information once a User clicks on the advertisement. HLB is not responsible for information collection or use from any third party on a banner ad on our site. Users are STRONGLY encouraged to check the policies of each site they visit.
Information Use
Information collected by HLB is used for the following purposes:
1) Contact
User's contact information is used to contact them when necessary, including using return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties.
2) Registration/Subscription/Signup Account Maintenance.
A User's personal information may be used for operation and maintenance of any accounts set up through registrations, subscriptions or signups. For example, in sending updated information about the site and service/maintenance issue messages.
3) Special/Promotional Offers and Materials
Users may also receive additional announcements from us about products, services, special deals, and a newsletter. Out of respect for the privacy of our users we present the option to not receive these types of communications.
In addition, HLB may use information to better design our site, and to share with our partners for the purposes of making special offers or materials available to Users. Again, a User may elect not to receive offers in the future.
4) Purchases
When making a purchase for any service or product, a User's personal information will be used to complete that purchase, and ONLY that purchase. We do not share such information with outside parties except in the cases of disputed or returned charges.
Information provided about any third parties by Users are used only in processing the order, shipping the order and confirming delivery, if necessary. This information is shared only with third parties only to the extent necessary to complete the purchase.
5) Forums
At various times, the site will offer discussion forums and bulletin boards for coaches, parents and players. Be advised that any and all postings made are the responsibility of the posting party. Prior to use of any such forums, Users will be required to read and agree to policies and terms of use for such.
HLB assumes no responsibility for such posts, but will attempt to monitor such forums and eliminate activities detrimental to User's at the first sign of improper use of these services. Please note that all posted information in these venues becomes public knowledge.
Please note that the site offers links to other websites and services. Again, when any User clicks a link to another website, they assume all risks and liabilities. Users are STRONGLY encouraged to read the policies for privacy and terms of use for each site they visit.
HLB will never knowingly share or use individually identifiable information provided to us in any manner unrelated to those described above without either offering a User an opportunity to opt-out of such uses and/or without the express consent of the user. We may use your IP address in the event it is necessary to protect ourselves or our partners from fraud.
Information Disclosure
On occasion, HLB may contract individuals or companies to provide limited services and/or products in conjunction with our services or on our behalf. For example, website service and maintenance, responding to customer support issues, site statistics for internal review purposes and similar such services. In this event, information provided will be limited to only that personal information needed to deliver the service, maintenance or response. Any individuals or companies involved in such will be prohibited from using any personal information for any purpose outside of the service that party is contracted to perform.
Information collected and stored by HLB will not be disclosed, sold or rented to any other party or service in any way unrelated to those described in this Policy and/or without providing the User the option of prohibiting such.
HLB reserves the right to disclose personal information if required by law or in the good-faith belief that doing such is necessary to conform to laws or any legal processes presented to HLB. In addition, we may do so if such action is deemed necessary to protect the personal safety and security of any Users of the site, the public and the rights and properties of HLB.
Information collected and stored is not disclosed, sold or shared with any third party website or advertiser unless the User consents. HLB does not control, nor monitor, the policies of any third party sites, and as such, is not responsible for information provided to such sites by the User. HLB is not liable for disclosure of personal information to linked sites or advertisers and by acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, Users understand, and accept, their responsibility to read and accept/reject any Policies or Terms of Use for such sites. Users release HLB from any and all liability, and agree to hold HLB free from indemnification, for any misused personal information a User has given to any linked site and/or advertiser
Information Access
Upon the purchase, registration, signup or subscription to any service on this site, Users will be provided with methods and/or instructions on how to edit, update or otherwise change their personal information and/or delete any accounts, subscriptions or other services.
Users will have access to all of their personal information via the methods referred to above and can correct any information errors or, in the event, that is not possible, can notify us about any such inaccuracies showing the error(s).
In order to better protect your privacy, prior to granting access to any areas of secured personal information, reasonable steps will be taken before allowing such access.
Information/Data Storage and Security
In order to maximize the protection of a Users information, HLB uses appropriate physical, administrative electronic security technologies and procedures, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol that encrypts all data submitted and secures all transactions.
It is the Users responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their own passwords, email logins and the like for the site and not reveal such to any other party.
Protection of Children /COPPA
HLB is extremely committed to ensuring the safety and security of any personal information about children that is collected. HLB website users come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with some viewers under the age of fourteen. In order to better protect the personal information of children and comply with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we have adopted the following policies in addition to those previously listed.
HLB requires any minor child, wishing to use its site, to obtain parental consent before using the site, registering, subscribing and/or providing any personal information. All information provided during the registration is used according to the terms contained in this Privacy Statement.
Please be advised, HLB does not differentiate between personal information provided by minor children and adults, so parents should read this information carefully when deciding whether to provide consent for their child(ren) to register, subscribe, signup for any service or account.
Prior to registering, subscribing or signing up for any service or account, all minor children are asked to have parental permission. In the event of any doubt over the authenticity of such permission, it may be confirmed by requesting a signed form sent to via HLB via regular US mail or via fax. The only instance where minor children may be asked for, or provide information for, an email address without prior consent from parents is only under the following circumstances:
In order to allow one-time communication with a new User, after which time the email address must be linked to a permitted account.
To protect the security of and/or limit the liability of the site, or in response to law enforcement request.
In the event of the properly permitted registration, signup or subscription of any minor child by a parent, for an account or service, the following types of information may be collected: e-mail address; a corresponding email address/account of the permitting parent; city, state and zip code; birthdate. In addition, a login name, password and security questions may be collected. This information is collected to better protect the child and help determine whether a registrant is a child for whom parental consent is required. HLB only collects personal information from a child that is reasonably necessary to provide the service(s) requested. The uses of that information match those of the uses of an adult registrant's information as stated in this Privacy Policy.
A consenting parent or legal guardian may cancel a child's registration, subscription or account at any time and for any reason.
Links to third party sites and advertisers.
HLB takes every precautionary measure to make certain that advertisers and linked sites do not contain inappropriate or pornographic material. However, we cannot warrant that the linked sites and advertisers' sites will not contain links to any such material, or that such sites will not alter the content from time to time which may include such material. HLB screens all such sites before linking to the site, however, HLB has no way to control the changing content of such sites. In any instance that such sites add any access to such inappropriate or pornographic material, Users are requested to immediately contact HLB for further investigation and possible removal from the HLB site.
Helpful Hints to Parents on Website Usage.
Our policies are intended to protect children while using the site, while still allowing them to participate as much as desired. Any information collected from any person will not be more than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation. No information collected will be disclosed to third parties, unless approved by the parent/guardian and by us. In any event of needing to do so, this will be noted on the site or within the instructions for the registration, subscription, etc.
For parents and children, it is wise to follow the tips below when using the Internet and sites that ask for personal information.
Never give out your name (Hint: in using email, use a "screen name", dissimilar to your actual name), email address, home address, phone number or any other personally identifiable information. Some areas of this site, and all sites, are open to the public and there is no way of verifying the identification of users. Generally speaking, email addresses or other form of contact information is not needed to access main websites.
Never, under any circumstances, agree to meet anyone you encounter, chat with or email to from any website, whether via the HLB website or any other, without seeking permission from your parents/guardians and being accompanied by such a responsible adult.
This policy adopted for the protection of minor children applies to all minors fourteen or younger. Any user proved to falsely claim to be an age that they are not (either older or younger than their real age), may be prohibited from any further participation or activity on this site; and your activity may be reported to the appropriate relevant legal authority, who may take any legal action deemed necessary.
Occasionally, HLB will update this Privacy Policy. Upon doing so, Users will be notified on the home page of the website and the updated Policy will have a date listed in the upper right hand corner of the Policy document.
If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please go to the Contact Page and complete a contact form.