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HLB Refund/Membership Terms

INSTRUCTION SESSIONS/PACKAGES: Instruction packages that are pre-purchased for later use may be cancelled as long as done within 30 days of purchase and prior to 1st session. For any package purchased and started, HLB will have already had to sign agreements and remit payments for facility space/hours and contractor agreements with instructors, so there can be no refunds. In cases of extreme hardship - for example, a player's family is transferred to another city/state; a player is permanently injured/disabled, etc, a refund (full or partial) and/or credit may be offered. In cases of short term issues, regarding scheduling conflicts, or a non permanent/long-term injury, package periods for sessions may be deferred to a later time to allow completion.
TEAMS: For ALL team play, as is covered in each Parent Information Session prior to the start of tryouts/practices, once rosters are formed and communicated to team participants, any player/parent may withdraw from any team with full refund of all fees paid within 24 hours of that team's kickoff or team business meeting. At the time rosters are formed, HLB has already signed contracts/agreements and paid, at the very least a deposit, if not in full for it's facility rentals for practices, group sessions and it's league entry fees. In addition, by the time the roster is set and communicated, HLB will have contracted to hire and pay the head coaches for each grade/season. Thus, as stated at the Parent Sessions, there are no refunds for withdrawal once the 24 hour window has passed. This is not only for the protection of HLB and it's commitments based on those teams & their rosters, but also the other parents/players that are on that roster, to ensure they are not left with additional expense from others leaving the roster after that 24 hr window. In extreme cases of hardship - for example, a major injury keeping the player out an entire season, moving from the general geographical area, or other permanent/long term physical condition that prohibits player participation - HLB will consider on a case by case basis, a possible refund (full or partial) and/or credit for fees paid in less any applicable tryout fees, and team expenses incurred at the time of withdrawal.
For all HLB programs, in the event of natural disasters, pestilence, disease or any other act of God, HLB is not responslble for such events and will not be held liable for lost service time. In such cases, HLB WILL work to find ways to either credit customers for future services and/or offer some form of refund less any expenses incurred to the organization for that program.